Solo Soccer Drills to Try at Home

Improve Your Skills in Preparation for Soccer Camp

Solo Soccer Drills to Try at Home

Solo soccer training doesn’t have to be lonely and dull. In fact, if you don’t keep solo practice fun and entertaining you’ll most likely never be able to sustain a consistent, enjoyable, or productive soccer workout. Here are some tips to put a little awesome-sauce back in your routines.

Once you put the time in, you will quickly begin to enjoy your rapid improvement. Our camp coaches have played soccer their whole life, and can testify to the amount of conditioning the sport requires. Proper conditioning can be a long road, so make sure you’re fun along the way.

“Everything is practice.”

— Pele

Soccer Wall for Solo Drills

Wall Ball

As the name suggests, this solo soccer game requires no more than ball and a flat wall that is rigid enough to kick a soccer ball against. Here’s how it goes:

  • Kick the ball against the wall with your right foot, and try to trap it with your left foot.
  • Alternate your feet, and try to trap the ball with the right foot.
  • Kick the ball against the wall with your right foot, and try to trap it with your left knee.
  • Alternate your feet, and try to trap the ball with your right knee.
  • Each successfully trapped ball is 1 point.
  • Each unsuccessful trap is minus 1 point.
  • Work up to 25 points.

As you improve your trapping skills, increase the intensity and height of your kicks. If the wall allows, bring a stick of chalk to mark a target for low, medium and high shots.

Wall ball results in the ball coming at you at different angles. More advanced variations include throwing the ball at the top of the wall, and try to get it to settle on your foot, or volley against the wall without letting the ball touch the ground.

Solo Soccer Shootout

This drill is best done on a soccer field or large yard.

  • Prepare for play by grabbing 4 orange cones (or other brightly colored markers), a soccer ball, and tape, chalk, or string to create a yard line.
  • Using your cones, make 2 sets of 3-foot-wide goals at opposite ends of the field, and mark an 18-yard line.
  • Dribble up the field, alternating feet, then shoot from the 18-yard line.
  • If you shoot the soccer ball between the cones, you get 1 point.
  • If you miss the shot, you lose 1 point.
  • Alternate your shots on each of the 2 sets of cones.
  • The game is over at 25 points.
Solo Soccer Drills to Try at Home
Soccer Marbles Solo Game

Soccer Marbles

The classic playground game takes on a new life with soccer balls. Soccer Marbles is a great solo soccer drill, as well as an entertaining multi-person game. This solo game helps you strengthen your passing, striking, and dribbling skills.

The only things you need to get started are a couple of soccer balls, a hula hoop (or something to mark a 3 foot diameter area), and a backyard.

  • Start by putting 1 soccer ball in the hula hoop.
  • Step back approximately 20 yards from the hula hoop, taking the second soccer ball with you.
  • Put the ball down at your feet, and try to hit, or knock out, the ball in the hula hoop.
  • When you hit the ball out of the hoop, you gain 1 point. When you miss the hoop entirely, you lose 1 point.
  • Reset your ball in the hula hoop each time you knock it out, or try to kick the second ball in the hoop from the position that the knocked out ball landed.
  • Work up to 20 points.

Another variation on this game is to set up a line about 10 yards away from the target ball. Take your second ball and set it down about 30 yards away. Instead of kicking from a standing position, dribble the ball up to the 10-yard line before kicking the ball at the target.

Sole Taps

Consistent ball control and fast footwork practice will make quick maneuvering second nature when you get into a match. If you go with a “one foot” version of this game, make sure you switch up your right and left feet, so both can feel the action.

Sole taps employ the bottom of your toes. This drill is also know as sole touches, toe touches, or toe taps. Sole taps help you develop important skills like balance, speed, coordination, strength, endurance, and a sensitive touch on the ball.

Best of all: sole taps can be played indoors our out!

Version 1 – In Place Toe Taps

  1. Stand directly over the ball, with the ball place between your feet at your center of gravity.
  2. Quickly tap the ball lightly with the padding of the upper sole of your right foot, while keeping your left foot solidly placed on the ground.
  3. Hop to your right foot, and tap the ball lightly with the padding of your left foot.
  4. Repeat this as quickly as possible.
  5. Count how many taps you can get in within 30 seconds, then try to break your own score.

Version 2 – Toe Taps with Movement

  1. Stand directly over the ball, with the ball place between your feet at your center of gravity.
  2. Quickly tap the ball lightly with the padding beneath the toes on your right foot.
  3. Pushing the ball forward very lightly with your right foot while hopping a few inches forward on the left foot.
  4. Hop forward approximately 6 feet on the same foot.
  5. At the end of 6 feet, tap the ball backward with the left foot, while hopping backward on the right.
  6. Switch feet, and go forward and backward again.

Keys to success:

  • Use the bottom of your toes to tap the soccer ball.
  • Keep your knees bent.
  • Stay balanced, with your head over your center of gravity and the ball.
  • Keep your touches relatively light. You want to tap the ball — not smack or stomp on it.
Solo soccer drills to try at home

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