Why Revolution?

Revolution Soccer Camps were created with one goal in mind, help youth soccer players further develop their skill set. Through technical training and game based learning, campers will be challenged in a fun and safe environment. Every aspect of camp, whether it is a drill or coaching moment is looked at as a chance to maximize the potential of each individual camper. The soccer experience our camp delivers is both technical and educational to further encourage the development of each and every camper.

Three Stages of Camp

Enjoyment: Campers will play with friends and make new friends throughout their time at camp while also building relationships with our staff. Through technical drills, tactical games and evening activities we will further develop their skills while fostering a true love and enjoyment for the game of soccer.

Challenge: The instructional game based model is designed for campers to fine tune their skills while learning new aspects of their game through competition among their peers. Campers will have the opportunity to have individual instruction throughout camp and then get a chance to showcase their new skills through team based drills and scrimmages.

Development: Regardless how experienced the camper is, their skills can always be improved upon. Our staff provides the learning experience through 4 days with hopes it will stick with the campers into their season. Whether it is your footwork, passing, trapping, heading or shooting, a young soccer players skills can always be enhanced.

Our goal is to spread the love of soccer to the youth in America in order to increase participation and transform the experience to develop the next generation of winners!