Director Q & A- Sam Busillo

Sam Busillo-Director Q & A

Q & A with our director, Sam Busillo

  • Assistant Coach at Cedar Crest College
  • Defender, Lehigh Valley Tempest WPSL- 2017-Present
  • 2x All-Atlantic Region & 2x All PSAC First Team at Kutztown University

Do you have any nicknames?


Do you have any unusual talents or absurd things that you love?

I really love listening to classical music when I run because the songs are so long

If you can eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


What is the latest show, series, podcast or book that you binged on?

I finally saw all of the Harry Potter movies

What is the one or more things that you take with you or do every day before you greet the team at practice? This can be something tangible or non-tangible.

I always write out my practice plan on a sticky note

What purchase of $100 or less has positively influenced your life in the past 6 months or recent memory? (Brand, how you found it, all details are welcome)

I bought a brand new pair of New Balance running shoes and they have increased my mileage throughout the week because they are so comfortable!

Do you have a quote, phrase or motto that you use on a daily basis or during tough times? or maybe something you think of often or live your life by.

My grandmom always used to tell me, “I’ll see you on TV” when I would play in a soccer game. I always used to play, and now I just live my life like I am being watched on TV by the people who matter most to me.

What advice would you give a smart, driven 14 year old athlete about to enter high school and what advice should they ignore on the other hand?

The hard work done when nobody is watching is what makes you better. Always listen to the advice given by coaches to set goals and use failures as learning tools. Never be your own worst enemy by telling yourself you can’t do or are not good at something.

In the last 5 years, do you have a specific season, game or competition that changed your life? What advice or realizations, do you have for people in the coaching field who are trying to achieve their team's potential?

Last season, Cedar Crest competed for our conference final for the second year in a row. We lost in penalty kicks after double overtime. We out shot our opponents 18-9 and maintained most of the possession but still lost. Soccer is a very unforgiving game but my team demonstrated so much character, never gave up, and learned from the loss. It makes me really excited for next season.

Is there a moment from your youth that set you up for career in coaching?

I had a youth coach tell me that I was not very good and couldn’t compete at the same level of my teammates. That drove me to work extra hard and fix the aspects of my game that were not perfect. I wanted to coach so that players always felt someone had their back and would push them to be better. I want players to learn so more from soccer than just good foot skills and defensive tactics. I want them to come away from playing for me with skills that equip them, and prepare them for whatever they choose to do in life.

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