Director Q & A- Mike Giuliano

Mike Giuliano-Director Q & A

Q & A with our camp director, Mike Giuliano

  • Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Georgia Gwinnett College
  • 8x national coach of the year and 14x conference coach of the year
  • Over 30 years of coaching experience at the NAIA and NCAA levels.

Do you have any nicknames?

Doctor/Coach; Coach Mike

Do you have any unusual talents or absurd things that you love?

I”m a big movie buff. My son is a Hollywood filmmaker (horror films!), and I love all types of movies.

If you can eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely Chinese food- orange chicken and fried rice!

What is the latest show, series, podcast or book that you binged on?

Band of Brothers and Star Trek Picard and Amazing Race

What is the one or more things that you take with you or do every day before you greet the team at practice? This can be something tangible or non-tangible.

We always have a “joke of the day” by a player at every practice (we will have that at camp too). While we are very intense in our training I want to always remind players to HAVE FUN when they play this beautiful game!

What purchase of $100 or less has positively influenced your life in the past 6 months or recent memory? (Brand, how you found it, all details are welcome)

The “A List” with AMC Theaters. I go to a lot of movies so this is a great plan for me!

Do you have a quote, phrase or motto that you use on a daily basis or during tough times? or maybe something you think of often or live your life by.

“Champions are made when no one else is watching.” How a player trains on his or her own determines how successful they will be in soccer.

What advice would you give a smart, driven 14 year old athlete about to enter high school and what advice should they ignore on the other hand?

Play multiple sports if possible- college coaches love multi sport players. Have fun when you play- you’ll always play better if you are enjoying it. Play for the best team that you can get on- it is always good to push yourself by playing with great teammates..

In the last 5 years, do you have a specific season, game or competition that changed your life? What advice or realizations, do you have for people in the coaching field who are trying to achieve their team's potential?

Yes, when we made the Sweet Sixteen at GGC in my second year here. I told them that for now on, GGC would be considered one of the nation’s best teams, and so far, that prediction has been true.

Is there a moment from your youth that set you up for career in coaching?

My favorite adults in my life were always some of my coaches. I remember when I was 13, Coach Tucker told me that if I didn’t believe in myself, then no one else would believe in me. From that day on, I wanted to be a great teacher and mentor in the lives of players someday, so that is why I wanted to coach.

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