Director Q & A – David Kulik

David Kulik-Director Q & A

Q & A with our director, David Kulik

  • 2019 GNAC Coach of the Year
  • 4x GNAC Tournament and 3x GNAC Conference Champion
  • Holds the US Soccer Federation “A” License and the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

Do you have any nicknames?


Do you have any unusual talents or absurd things that you love?


If you can eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Thai yellow curry chicken and rice

What is the latest show, series, podcast or book that you binged on?

ESPN 30 for 30

What is the one or more things that you take with you or do every day before you greet the team at practice? This can be something tangible or non-tangible.

Practice plan and quote of the day.

What purchase of $100 or less has positively influenced your life in the past 6 months or recent memory? (Brand, how you found it, all details are welcome)

Insanity fitness program

Do you have a quote, phrase or motto that you use on a daily basis or during tough times? or maybe something you think of often or live your life by.

Live it, Own it, Love it!!!

Leaders don’t flock.

What advice would you give a smart, driven 14 year old athlete about to enter high school and what advice should they ignore on the other hand?

Be your own person and don’t live in social media.

In the last 5 years, do you have a specific season, game or competition that changed your life? What advice or realizations, do you have for people in the coaching field who are trying to achieve their team's potential?

2019 college season. Believe even when the odds are stacked again you because if you don’t believe no one will.

Is there a moment from your youth that set you up for career in coaching?

Being inspired by the leadership and passion of a coach despite him not speaking much English.

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