Director Q & A – Chris Flint

Chris Flint-Director Q & A

Q & A with our camp director, Chris Flint

  • Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Johnson & Wales University (RI)
  • 2015 GNAC Coach of the Year
  • 2x NE10 and NSCAA Region Coach of the Year (2001 & 2007)
  • Holds the NSCAA National, Advanced National and Premier Diploma Licenses

Do you have any nicknames?


If you can eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Some type of steak

What is the latest show, series, podcast or book that you binged on?


What is the one or more things that you take with you or do every day before you greet the team at practice? This can be something tangible or non-tangible.

My practice plan

What advice would you give a smart, driven 14 year old athlete about to enter high school and what advice should they ignore on the other hand?

Work hard at all things, you never know what impact it will have on your future, don’t get caught up in what other people are doing

In the last 5 years, do you have a specific season, game or competition that changed your life? What advice or realizations, do you have for people in the coaching field who are trying to achieve their team's potential?

Winning the conference championship, it didn’t change my life but was a great experience, don’t take any detail for granted in training / preparing your team, you never know when it will matter most

Is there a moment from your youth that set you up for career in coaching?

Always loved sports & played sports

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